Mariachi Lyrics – Caballo Patas Blancas

What is Mariachi? And Why Do You provide Mariachi Lyrics?

Mariachi Lyrics

Mariachi, is a genre of music that evolved from the Mexican state of Jalisco, near Guadalajara. A Mariachi band is a Mexican musical group consisting of four or more musicians that wear charro suits. Mariachi is very popular throughout Mexico and the Southwest United States, and is considered representative of Mexican music and culture. It is loved by people worldwide. Mariachi Los Muertos presents these mariachi lyrics as an introduction to the culture and as tool to entice all aficionados to stand up and sing!

Mariachi Fun Fact #109:

Did you know that through the years, many have argued over the roots of the word mariachi? The explanation that had become the most common is that it comes from the French word mariage, meaning marriage or wedding. It is said that when the Frenchman Maximillian was the Emperor of Mexico, the French began to call the Mexican musicians Mariachis because they entertained at weddings. However, this theory of the origin of the word is regarded as doubtful by linguists. Currently, the scholarly opinion is that the word mariachi has native roots. One theory says that it comes from the name of the wood that was used to provide the stage for performance. There are many theories about the origin of the word but the truth is, no one can be absolutely sure.

Mariachi Lyrics – Caballo Patas Blancas
As performed By: Mariachi Zapopan

Caballo de patas blancas
con herraduras de acero
hoy Vas brincar las trancas
antes que salga el lucero
y vas a llevar en ancas
a la mujer que yo quiero
a la mujer que yo quiero
La gente por donde quiera
ya saben que soy matrero
y traigo en mi carrillera
cincuenta balas de acero
para llevarme a mi prieta
en mi caballo lucero
En mi caballo lucero

Yo se que tus pretendientes
presumen de ser matones
el miedo que yo les tengo
lo cargo aqui¬ en los talones.
lo cargo aqui¬ en los talones.

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