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Dodger’s Adrian Gonzalez blasts “El Mariachi Loco” as he comes to bat…

Adrian Gonzalez - El Mariachi Loco

A big shout out to Adrian Gonzalez for choosing “El Mariachi Loco” as his walk out to bat theme! It was the 1st time anyone had chosen the Roman Palomar classic as their theme song. Looks like it did the trick for Gonzalez though….”El Mariachi Loco” played over the PA system at Dodger Stadium as Gonzalez, born in the San Diego neighborhood of Chula Vista and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, strode to the plate for the 1st time as a Dodger. Just as Roman Palomar’s classic clarinet infused Mariachi track began to fade, there was a crack heard through out the park, as Gonzalez hit a home run!

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