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Welcome to Scotland Sr. Trump (Con Mariachi)

Leave it to the good people of Scotland to stage hilarious protests during Donald Trump’s visit in the wake of Brexit.

Paddy Power, a bookmaker (similar to a sportsbook in Costa Rica) based in Ireland, came up with a clever way to welcome the presumptive Republican candidate to succeed President Barack Obama in the United States. Here’s how the Irish sports betting giant described its stunt:

We gave Donald Trump a good guac-ing when he visited Scotland today. The businessman and US presidential candidate – yeah, we still think the second bit must be a hoax, too – was in Turnberry, Ayrshire to open a new golf course.


Given his controversial election promises, including building a wall along the Mexican border, we wanted to give him a special, Paddy Power welcome. So, obviously, we snuck a Mexican Mariachi band, Juan Direction, into Glasgow Prestwick airport to greet the billionaire as he landed on the runway.

Juan Direction actually followed Mr. Trump to his golf course, but the U.S. Secret Service detail assigned to him stopped the mariachis from continuing to serenade the candidate.

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